Monday, January 21, 2013

it's never too late for breakfast

Okay, so I tweeted earlier that I should start a blog where I talk about breakfast food and men.  Since many people have often joked about having breakfast with me, I thought that part was fitting.  As for men, who doesn't love to talk about them? :)  ... or look at them. Adam Levine... sigh.

Okay, so my sister and I were talking earlier about how weird guys can be.  Yes, they are no where near as freaky as girls get, we decided, but they are generally strange beings.  Men are notoriously known for being simple.  Men aren't interested in the latest fashion trends, in fact they would rather you keep it simple.  Jeans, shirt that shows off the girls, and jeans that show off the boo-tay.  They don't know what a romper is, and their only opinion on skinny jeans is that they're harder to take off.  And don't even get me started on jeggings.  As for hair and makeup, long hair and a good bit of makeup are usually required to snag a bite.  Yes, I know girls, this sucks for us. waah. But makeup is there for a reason.  It makes us look prettier to the opposite sex... more symmetrical and healthier in an evolutionary standpoint.  

Okay... right now is where I must say that this is of course a giant stereotype, and is probably some form of inequality.  

Men like things simple.  They like cheap-ass perfumes that smell like vanilla, clothes that show off your body, and anything else that will make you look great.  Other than that, they honestly don't give a shit.  But do you know what men do give a shit about? Bacon.  Which brings us to the breakfast part of this post. 

Recently, I had a couple great ideas that include making a pancake with a poptart inside it, and making a poptart with bacon inside it.  As I found out, the latter already exists and is known as "speckin dicken." (google it)  I also saw another method where you just dip the bacon in the pancake batter and fry them up.  Simple enough.  I promise I will try both of my fabulous ideas and post pictures soon :)

After all of this though... I had an even better breakfast idea that surpassed the rest... BREAKFAST CAKE.  Okay, so I know they already have breakfast pizza, but this is different, so keep reading. When I make breakfast, I kind of like to have a bit of everything all in one bite with some syrup on it. I'm sure I'm not alone here.  Picture this:  Pancake, layer of bacon and sausage patties, pancake, layer of scrambled eggs and cheese, pancake, hash browns and more bacon.  Syrup on top.  This sounds like such a great idea to me. I better coypwrite this before it becomes a McBreakfast Cake or something.  It also kind of reminds me of a lasagna.... I like cake better :)

Well that concludes my first post.  Stay awesome, and remember it's never too late for breakfast.

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